1- PURCHASE SYSTEM www.polyurethane-auto.com
Purchases made ​​are subject to the regulations and other related legislation as well as their particular conditions, meaning sales operations carried out at the home of CIBEX 4X4 SL Av. Complutense 32. Camarma de Esteruelas 28816 Madrid. Purchases in are subject to payment of value Added Tax (VAT) as provided in current regulations for  persons or legal resident in Member States of the European Union. For those residing in EU countries, there is the option on the shopping cart to remove the corresponding amount of VAT (21%)..


The seller CIBEX 4x4 SL will in no way responsible for the veracity of the data provided by the client for the VAT exemption in the case of a resident in the European Union on a free and / or in the case of professional area . This responsibility always lies with the buyer who must respond to the Tax Agency.

The characteristics of the products and their prices will be displayed. The items and services will be available for sale until stocks ends. Prices shown on screen are in € uros, and exclude VAT . and they are in force, except typing error. Offers are properly marked and identified. Its validity is effective while on your screen or while stocks last. 


3- THE EXECUTION OF THE ORDER The customer who wants to purchase at www.polyurethane-auto.com should read the general conditions of purchase They included in that paragraph. The formalization of an order means under the acceptance of general conditions of sale contained in the page and once satisfied the payment of 100% of the amount. Together with the order you receive an invoice from CIBEX 4X4 SL. In a purchase that must be sent to an address other than the one in customer data (such shipments gift), the invoice must always be sent to the customer's address, which in any case will be the person who actual payment to CIBEX 4X4 SL.The products are sent to the delivery address you specify, within the time stipulated by chosen by CIBEX 4x4 SL. 


 4- DATA PROTECTION In compliance with the provisions of the law, we inform you that personal data provided by you will be incorporated into a file CIBEX automated 4X4 SL The purpose of these is to pay all kinds of service without completing the data again. You are entitled to access, edit or delete the data that correspond collected in this file. 


5. RETURNS All returns must be made ​​carriage paid to our facilities. Exempted from power returned those products indicated that "special order".


To accept any returns, in addition to the foregoing, the shipment has to keep the original packaging in perfect conditions and a copy of the invoice. Any product that is installed in a vehicle or not to allow this aspect further sale will not be accepted.


 6. WARRANTY The warranty conditions are established by the manufacturer and will be effective from the date of delivery of the material. The warranty covers manufacturing defects and only 4x4 SL CIBEX may determine. CIBEX 4x4 SL reserves the right to cancel the guarantee provided they do not comply with usage rules established by the manufacturer. The warranty does not cover postage and handling, or returning the goods. It is essential to return the goods for analysis and evaluation. The warranty in those products used in competitions will be canceled. 


7. The prices. The price of this rate means expressed in € uros and VAT included as set out in the rules governing natural or legal persons resident in Member States of the European Union. For those residing in EU countries or communal areas free of VAT is an option on the shopping cart to remove the Corresponding amount of VAT (21%).

The seller CIBEX 4x4 SL will in no way responsible for the veracity of the data provided by the client for the VAT exemption in the case of a resident in the European Union on a free and / or in the case of professional area . This responsibility always lies with the buyer who must respond to the Tax Agency. 


8. Cancellation of order.

In the event that an order has not been served by CIBEX 4x4 SL and the client wishes to cancel the order or part, CIBEX 4x4 SL reserves the right of recovery of 20% of the same for expenses. This of course applies to order products on special order (I see section 5). In any case, all cancellations of orders must be made ​​in writing to orders@polyurethane-auto.com and all data must be identical to those provided in the purchase order. 


9. Items. The items shown in this site (and its characteristics) may be modified or canceled by market demand or for reasons of force majeure by the manufacturers so that in no case CIBEX 4x4 SL is responsible. 



10. CIBEX 4X4 SL delivers 91% of orders within 24 hours, however, special order products the delivery time can be up to 21 days. This is due to maritime transit time and time of manufacture. In any case, CIBEX 4x4 SL will not be responsible for delays beyond its role as could be strikes, withholding of goods at customs, etc .. However, CIBEX 4x4 SL is committed to making the delivery of orders from other products within the deadlines stipulated by law except in cases of force majeure and those products.


CIBEX 4x4 SL will process orders as quickly as possible and not be responsible for any deadline where the client has planned a trip, event or date of delivery or installation. 


11. Transportation orders will be made ​​by the company and service CIBEX 4x4 SL deems appropriate and do not include taxes or customs charges import duties or insurance. Once the goods are collected by the carrier the selling company will be exonerated of any responsibility. If you wish to insure your shipment, please contact us.


12. Partial shipments 
The seller CIBEX 4x4 SL reserves the right to send unsolicited or partially. In any case where the customer wants partial shipment of an order and the selling company does not wish to make the customer must bear the cost of sending the remaining material order.


The customer is entitled to cancel the pending submission of an order that has been served in part material. To do this, you must request cancellation by as indicated in paragraph 8.

13. Claims for transport damage 
Upon receipt of the goods, the customer is required to declare directly to the carrier via a period not exceeding 24 hours, any failure or breakage. Once this period has elapsed, CIBEX 4x4 SL not be liable. 14. Photos The photos in this website is not never considered contractual.


15. Settlements.

All products listed and settlement do not provide any guarantee or possibility of return. Because the products are settled by other means, it is possible to place your order, the product is sold. In these cases, no charges were made to credit card and this will be destroyed. In the event that we have some of the products in liquidation, 4x4 CIBEX will calculate shipping costs for the products in stock and proceed to shipping.


16. Advance Order Promotions.

The advance order Promotions allow you to buy on very favorable terms. These offers are only valid for products designated as such where you will find the limit of order and payment and delivery. Any payment made after the deadline for purchase and payment will be refunded and the order is not accepted.